Diana Rockwell: Ventriloquist

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The Puppets

      Meet "Flicker", the newest member of the cast!       Flicker is the brand new candle puppet in team Rockwell. He is about 15 inches tall and thinks he is HOT STUFF! I am currently in the process of material writing and workshopping for this guy as he will be a valuable member of the clan!



                                        Meet Team Rockwell In It's Entirety!

Top Row (from left): Ira The Heart, Zander Hemingway, Sachet La'Phume, Pink Floyd the Flamingo, Salty S. Cargo, Apple Jack.

First column down : Dr. Archibald Whitehead, C.O.A.C.H. Bag, and Ben X. Tinct.

Second column down: Minnie Donut, Jo King, Scary Emily Ann

Former characters: Jillian Pettigrew, Madame Water Lily, Miss N.M.



Who are  the main characters in the show?

Irate Ira and Apple Jack (aka the little red guys) are the two main characters. After them is Zander, Minnie Donut, and Salty.

Who are the secondary characters?

Ben X. Tinct, Jo King, Sachet La'Phume, Pink Floyd, and Scary Emily.

Who are the novelty or "prop" characters?

C.O.A.C.H. Bag and Dr. Archibald Whitehead


"Ira & Apple Jack"

         Irate Ira, a cute but ornery little "devil" cinna-heart, is the main character in the entire show. Apple Jack is a cute and lovable little apple, yet he is both the partner and nemesis of Ira. Ira sings old school heavy metal songs and Apple Jack is very childlike with his innocent "A is for Apple" personality. With their clashing personalities and opposing views, the audience is in for a real treat. Ira is a sizzling sugary cinnamon candy and Apple Jack is a healthy apple. What better pair than apple and cinnamon? Perfect for audiences of all ages. 



"Salty S. Cargo"

  He's cute, he's Southern, and best of all, he's a happy little garden snail. He's a bit naive and slow (of course, he's a snail) but has a few tricks in his shell: he yodels and sings fast pace country music! A true joy for family friendly audiences and children's shows.

"Zander Hemingway"

    Recalcitrant, irresponsible, moody, always on his iPad, and full of excuses. Every parent, teacher, and person in general has met a male teen like this at some point in time.  This is what makes Zander such a relateable character. But there's one thing that separates him from the stereotype: he can freestyle rap. Popular with younger audiences and educational settings, Zander is an example of what not to be.


"Minnie Donut"

    She's cute, she's little, but has a bit of a crummy attitude from time to time (no pun intended). I mean, wouldn't you if you were a talking donut? This puppet's personality ranges from sweet to sour (she might as well be a Sour Patch Kid for that matter). This is the most popular character for kid shows, especially birthday parties.